Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter Hair

Winter, so beautiful, but soooo bad for hair!

When going outside in the extreme cold or heat make sure to keep that hair protected and covered !

Well at least keep the weakest part of your hair (those ends!) tcked in and out of that cold air!

I have kept my hair braided all week except for when working, but that will change. I just need to find some styles that will work for my damaged hair. Let me know if have some styles I can use!

Current nightly hair routine

1. Wet hair during shower (as much or as little as you want)

2. Add oil (my choice is extra virgin olive oil) with a spray bottle

3. Add leave-in conditioner 

4. Braid hair into 4 braids for nect day hair set

5. Don't forget to cover!

Ahhh! I have just realized I have been forgetting to to massage my scalp in my nightly routine. Always do this for root stimulation. I will be addidng this to my nightly hair routine.

I wasn't going to post pictures today, but here's an update on my hair repair progress before my weekly deep conditioning treatment. ( This week I will do a honey and olive oil mask.)

Please comment below, let me know your thoughts and share your hair journey with me!

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