Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My Alopecia Areata Treatment

Alopecia Areata- A type of hairloss where your immune system thinks that your hair follicles are foreign, therefore attacking them and causing bald spots.  (Cause unknown)

The treatment I am about to explain to you is something that my mother did for me out of love for me as a young balding girl. 

I was devastated when losing my hair and even teased at school for it. My mother couldn't stand to see me this way, even when the doctors all told her that my hair would probably never grow back. So she came up with a very aggressive approach to treating this condition. Thanks Mom!

How my Alopecia Areata started (Alopecia Areata- A.A.)

I believe I was 8 years old and in the second grade when my A.A. journey started. First my scalp started to be irritated and had a strange smell to it. My scalp started to basically scab over, but it looked just like dandruff. (My sister accidently scratched the scab all over my head, thinking it was dandruff, spreading the infection rapidly.) Soon after this, my hair started falling out in patches and then eventually all over my head. I was halfway bald and then eventually the rest fell out. At this time my scalp had completely scabbed over.  

Aggressive Alopecia Areata treatment

When starting the treatment for the first 3 months wash hair everyday for 2 weeks. Then wash once a week after that for the remained of the 3 months. Wash your hair preferrably with Main and Tail shampoo. Apply ORS Root Stimulator to scalp twice a day and massage head for at least 5 mins, but at least 10 minutes when just starting out for better root stimulation. After massaging scalp apply African Pride hair grease (smells great!) to scalp.  Continue scalp massages twice a day for the entire 3 months. After 3 months of this you may reduce hair massages to once a day. Hair should be growing back at this point. So, be sure to keep hair covered and in a protective style in early stages to make for longer and stronger hair!

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