Monday, February 5, 2018

Very Stressful Week!...but Must Keep Pushing!

This is a very stressful week, but i must keep moving forward.

My mom had gotten sick, but now she is getting better. (Thank God!)

My son lives with her and goes to school in Houston while I live, work, and go to school in Jackson. So, just like that I'm on my way to Houston. My sister usually does this, but now it's my turn to take the hits. Hard part is I'm in my last semseter of my Junior year in College as a Chemistry major. I'm already in a semester of retakes and cannot fail. My son's life basically depends on it. I have missed word, late work and it just keeps on piling. We already started school late so already behind. 

So, I stayed in Houston for a week just racking up debt while I took care of my mother and son. I'm glad I was able to help care for her despite my own priorities. However, I am back home, with son in tow. Now I can't go to school and my work schedule is thrown off. Everything happens for a reason though, right?

I have 3 months to get my life together to get ready for the military and I need to be zen. So, its time to put my big girl panties on pay down this debt and get these grades! Ready, set, and GO!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

4 Coconut Oil Uses

I absolutely love coconut oil, it has so many uses!

But, 4 top uses for coconut oil are

1. Balancing Hormones

Coconut oil has microbial and antimicrobial properties, helps heal the gut. It also replenishes the needed building block for the production of hormones. You can get these in your diet by stirring a spoonful in your hot drink, add to smoothie in a blender, butter substitute, eat a plain spoonful, or just simply take capsules.

2. Killing Candida

C.O. has Capryllic Acid which enters the cell walls of Candida yeast, causing it to break. Capric acid disturbs yeast cytoplasm and dismantles the membrane. Since Lauric and Capric acid work together to reduce the chance of yeast build-up Candida the yeast doesn't become resistent against a single additive.

3. Skin Moisturizer-

C.O.  decreases wrinkles, kills harmful microorganisms (prevents growth), reduces inflammation, very good for eczema, and might be helpful with acne. It also hydrates the skin and acts as a barrier to to keep out bacteria. However, it's not for oily skin. 

4. Furniture Polish-

When you mix C.O. with lemon juice it smells great and the concoction shines and acts as a sealent

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My Alopecia Areata Treatment

Alopecia Areata- A type of hairloss where your immune system thinks that your hair follicles are foreign, therefore attacking them and causing bald spots.  (Cause unknown)

The treatment I am about to explain to you is something that my mother did for me out of love for me as a young balding girl. 

I was devastated when losing my hair and even teased at school for it. My mother couldn't stand to see me this way, even when the doctors all told her that my hair would probably never grow back. So she came up with a very aggressive approach to treating this condition. Thanks Mom!

How my Alopecia Areata started (Alopecia Areata- A.A.)

I believe I was 8 years old and in the second grade when my A.A. journey started. First my scalp started to be irritated and had a strange smell to it. My scalp started to basically scab over, but it looked just like dandruff. (My sister accidently scratched the scab all over my head, thinking it was dandruff, spreading the infection rapidly.) Soon after this, my hair started falling out in patches and then eventually all over my head. I was halfway bald and then eventually the rest fell out. At this time my scalp had completely scabbed over.  

Aggressive Alopecia Areata treatment

When starting the treatment for the first 3 months wash hair everyday for 2 weeks. Then wash once a week after that for the remained of the 3 months. Wash your hair preferrably with Main and Tail shampoo. Apply ORS Root Stimulator to scalp twice a day and massage head for at least 5 mins, but at least 10 minutes when just starting out for better root stimulation. After massaging scalp apply African Pride hair grease (smells great!) to scalp.  Continue scalp massages twice a day for the entire 3 months. After 3 months of this you may reduce hair massages to once a day. Hair should be growing back at this point. So, be sure to keep hair covered and in a protective style in early stages to make for longer and stronger hair!

Please comment below, let me know your thoughts!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter Hair

Winter, so beautiful, but soooo bad for hair!

When going outside in the extreme cold or heat make sure to keep that hair protected and covered !

Well at least keep the weakest part of your hair (those ends!) tcked in and out of that cold air!

I have kept my hair braided all week except for when working, but that will change. I just need to find some styles that will work for my damaged hair. Let me know if have some styles I can use!

Current nightly hair routine

1. Wet hair during shower (as much or as little as you want)

2. Add oil (my choice is extra virgin olive oil) with a spray bottle

3. Add leave-in conditioner 

4. Braid hair into 4 braids for nect day hair set

5. Don't forget to cover!

Ahhh! I have just realized I have been forgetting to to massage my scalp in my nightly routine. Always do this for root stimulation. I will be addidng this to my nightly hair routine.

I wasn't going to post pictures today, but here's an update on my hair repair progress before my weekly deep conditioning treatment. ( This week I will do a honey and olive oil mask.)

Please comment below, let me know your thoughts and share your hair journey with me!

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Finals week is a bad week for hair

Finals week is a bad week for hair...

Starting off my hair journey with newly damaged hair, could be alot better.

In my defense it just happened to be finals week so,

I missed my wash day and my blog day so no wash, no deep condtion, but I did get a co-wash in.

Despite all of this i did manage to at least night prep my hair every night and keep it covered adding leave-in conditioner and oil every night.

I think I see some of my hair texture coming back too.

I'm not gonna post pictures until my wash day, so that I can get newly washed and conditioned hair for the full effect.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Today I Start My Journey

Beginning of my healthier natural hair journey

So, Today I started my natural hair journey...

After almost 10 years of no heat I decided to straighten my hair for the holidays,

that turned out to be a big mistake because I was flat ironing my hair too much (more than 1 or 2 passes from the HOT flat iron with no temperature gauge). Long story short I completely damaged my hair! I have no curls left just a wavy texture. 

My texture went from this...

To this...

I was already on a hair improvement journey for the last year, so...

I'm basically starting all over from scratch today. So  I have decided to share my natural hair journey from scratch and share it with my followers to follow along and learn some great tips!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Respect Your Hair

My Hair Journey

Never, Never, Never give up on your hair. 

I'm inviting you all to join me on my journey to healthier hair. I will tell you all a little about my hair so that you understand my hair struggles a little bit better.

When I was a child I found out I had something called Alopecia. (Sudden hair loss that starts with one ir more circular bald patches that may overlap.) This was very embarrassing to me as a child. What could I do though? Well, since I had a mother that loved me very much and couldn't stand to see me go through hairloss as a young child, she figured out a way to get my hair to grow back. for more tips! Need more natural hair products? Click here!